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Whats Best For You - Earphones

Expensive earphones cost too much and cheap ones don't last too long.

There are a variety of products to choose from and we get it. You want the perfect one. 

We can look at a pair of jeans and know exactly how we'd look in them. But how can we know how good headphones and speakers are without hearing them? In Soundtechs, we study the various needs of our diverse base of customers and choose what you guys feel is best.

After intense product research, we believe in what we offer. In this blog post, we provide you with the different categories our products are in so you can the perfect device that best fits you. In this post, we will be specifically talking about earphones.

Fun Fact: Headphones only have to move the volume of air inside your ear canal for you to hear the sound it's making.



Fitness: People who engage in fitness and physical exercises face a variety of problems. Sweat damages the headset, it falls off our ears and it's just an uncomfortable burden on our necks. Well, The Purf Earphones solves all those problems and more. One major problem our clients have brought to our attention is that wireless earphones don't sound as good as wired headphones. This is because wired earphones have better signal transmission but the difference is only seen with music that in formats of ALAC/FLAC/WAV. Through an increase in costs of certain features of the earphones in manufacturing (36% increase in assembly costs & 54% in hardware costs), we have found the earphones that can easily be compared with your best-wired earphones and win in sound quality. 


  • sweatproof
  • anti-fall design
  • lightweight (only 1.2g)
  • easy controls
  • high-quality sound

Fun Fact: Listening to music on high volume while exercising can be harmful due to less blood in the ear, which opens it up to be easily damaged. 


Travel: Whether you're visiting your grandma in Peru or going on a crazy adventure with your friends, a pair of earphones for traveling is a must have. These are the earphones that can't be easily lost, are waterproof, and are comfortable throughout your trip. The above earphones perfectly fit these criteria but so do the IPX4 Sweatproof Earphones. High stability and comfortability, these are one of our best-sellers and have proven to be one's companion. 


  • waterproof
  • magnetic design to hold around your neck
  • anti-fall
  • lightweight
  • excellent tone


Fun Fact: You ears are actually more unique than your fingerprints. 



Whether it's for listening in the house or using it in the office, some of us want the earphones that meet all our desires. While such earphones may come to cost hundreds of dollars, we offer you with the KZ Dynamic Earphones. With a total of 10 drivers, we can confidently say the sound quality is amazing. Various developments in technology have made these a fan-favorite. The noise-cancellation feature has also been advanced with the ergonomic design and the acoustic structural feature. The best part? You can choose to go wired or wireless!


  • high-quality sound
  • 1 dynamic and 4 armature drivers
  • tri-frequency separation resolution
  • noise-cancellation
  • exchangeable cable
  • professional grade wire 
  • anti-fall


After time and time again, our reviews prove that we provide our customers with the most top quality products. We aim to give you an amazing experience with your music and audio. That is our passion. 

After careful review, these are the earphones that you need on your daily basis. These are the ones proven to have brought great results and satisfy the needs of our modern and advanced world. 

Whether it's for fitness...

Whether it's for travel...

Or whether it's for chilling in your couch...

SoundTechs will help you find the right fit in your ear.